Couples & open relationships

Let’s face it, when there are so many different sexy options and opportunities in the world, why would we just be in a couple ? Luckily, lots of couples are starting to realize the same thing and they have opened their minds to new sexual paths. Being in a couple doesn’t necessarily means the end of sexual exploration, on the contrary it means new sex adventures, new dreams, new sensations… are you ready to feel goosebumps again?

Spice date nights: erotic role playing

Eroticism is limitless! There are many ways to fire your relationship up. You can bring your most humid fantasies to life by engaging on S&M, trying some sex toys, going to a swingers’ club or losing your inhibitions by having sex in a public place. If you are the type of couple who love dressing[…]

Guide for the perfect open relationship

Monogamy can sometimes become a tedious thing. When you have been in a serious relationship for a while, it is often easy to fall into boredom due to the daily routine. When it comes to romance, you can bring some magic to the relationship, and surprise your partner with a spontaneous present or a trip,[…]

Swinging : a lifestyle?

Many couples have promissed each other love and loyalty forever, although not strictly « exclusivity ». One day, they opened the door of a Swingers club and they have since then rediscovered the pleasure of group sex… Couples that are interested in those libertines practices are actually looking for an adventure to spice up their[…]

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