Guide for the perfect open relationship

Monogamy can sometimes become a tedious thing. When you have been in a serious relationship for a while, it is often easy to fall into boredom due to the daily routine.

When it comes to romance, you can bring some magic to the relationship, and surprise your partner with a spontaneous present or a trip, but if you are more on the wild side, and your intention is to spice things up a little bit, a good idea is to start flirting with other people.

You even may be thinking about going for a full open relationship where you can occasionally have sex with other people, but before taking that decision, it is a good idea to set some rules with your partner to, in the future, avoid one of you saying that you completely regret it.

Open sexdating : set clear boundaries

One thing is innocent flirting with other people outside your relationship, and a completely different one is to end up going to bed with them. Every couple is different, and have different needs, so the best is to talk in the first place with your partner about what is permitted, and what not in your new sex life.

The idea is that both of you enjoy the experience of being open to see, flirt or have sex with others, and even you are not technically experiencing it together, remember to respect the rules you have set together if you do not want to hurt your partner’s feelings.

Separating sex from love is a must-do! Do not forget that the relationship with your partner comes first, and the goal is to have fun, and experiment, and not falling in love with someone else.

Another important issue is to leave jealousy to one side. If you do something that bothers your partner or likewise, you should talk about it, and of course go for an alternative thing straight away.
Meeting people to flirt or have sex with outside your social circle is a really good choice. It will leave the awkwardness behind! There are plenty of casual dating sites where you can find people looking for a discreet sexual affair, so there is no need to ask for a mutual friend to join your sex league.

Be honest, but hide specific details

Keeping things clear, and honest with your partner is foremost. He/she can of course know when you are not going to be able to spend time together, but it is not necessary to tell everything about who your lover(s) is (are), and what you exactly do. If your partner is very open, and you both previously agree, you can share some details when you are getting intimate, just to turn him/her on, but avoid being too specific or making comparisons.

Just enjoy the experience. After all, open relationships are made for having fun!

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