Spice date nights: erotic role playing

Eroticism is limitless! There are many ways to fire your relationship up. You can bring your most humid fantasies to life by engaging on S&M, trying some sex toys, going to a swingers’ club or losing your inhibitions by having sex in a public place.

If you are the type of couple who love dressing up, and placing yourselves in situations where you need to let your imagination fly as a form of foreplay, then you should go for spice date nights, and try sexual roleplay.

Set the sexual game: find people to share the experience

The first thing you need to think about before indulging yourselves in your little sexual game, is how many people is going to take part in it. You two can be the only protagonists of your fantasy, but you can also invite more people, and ask them to seduce or flirt with your partner for example. They can also get involved by acting as mere spectators of your explicit show.

You can take the action out of your house walls like for example a night club or a park nearby, and passers-by can become unknowing participants. In such cases you can play to seduce a stranger.

Sex role play: real life vs. virtual world

The use of cybersex is rising. New technologies can give you the possibility to role play anytime, anywhere, and with whoever you want to.

Some of the magic may be lost by role playing online, although not the excitement itself. Live video chats, forums or even your mobile -which can be used for sexting- are a very good source to make your hot fantasies a reality.

These tools are ideal for the times when you are not able to face-to-face play role with your lover or in the cases when you want to find other open-minded people addicted to role playing.

Select a scenario and PLAY

Creating the proper scenario depends on your imagination, and the clothes you should wear go accordingly with it. You can go for elements of dominance, and submission (sexual bondage) or use some uniforms to arouse your partner: medical, office, police/security/army or prison uniforms for example.

Role playing is one of the favourite erotic activities for fetishists as in that way it is easier for them to use/get closer to the object/body part that sexually arouses them.
It really is up to where your, and your partner’s creativity unleashes!

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