Turn her on with kissing

The vast majority of casual affair stories start with a kiss.

There are a lot of emotions flowing when two people connect their lips, and even a bad kiss can determine the relationship expiration date, but there is much more than emotionally connecting two souls when kissing. The physical chemistry produced by an amazing-given kiss is also elementary in casual relationships.

An OK kiss can make a woman start having an interest in you, but a great kiss can really turn a woman on, and make you sexually irresistible.

Consider the following recommendations to become a kissing expert, and madly excite her with your technique.

Kissing: It’s all about timing!

Choosing when, and how to kiss is primordial. In spite the main idea it to sexually arouse her, you should not rush things up. Act natural. The best is to start slow to let her crave for it, and then, little by little, go passionate. Remember that rhythm is key! You can always read her body language to try to figure out what she enjoys the most.

Where to kiss her

Experimenting with your kissing can really mark the difference! Most women can be turned on if you kiss with lust on the mouth, but you can also play a little bit, and stimulate other sensitive areas of her body with your lips, and, of course, your tongue.

If you do not want to yet explore her most vulnerable areas, tease her first by kissing, licking/sucking or even smoothly biting her other hotspots like the nape of her neck, her ears, or the small of her back.

If you mix them all you will increase sexual tension, drive her wild, and make her completely go nuts for you!

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